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Supplying Artwork
Before sending your artwork please contact us

Graphic Packages Supported
Quark Express
Adobe Photoshop (240dpi +)
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat (300dpi)
Press ready PDF
Contact Denham-s for others

Vector-based programs (Illustrator, Freehand) produce crisper edges on text
and shapes than pixel-based programs like Photoshop and therefore make for a
clearer print. Please create separate folder for Documents, Images and Fonts.

Hard Copy
You should include a hard copy colour proof of your document.
Colour - laser proofs are preferred, but if providing a
Black and White - proof, a marked-up hard copy of your document will assist in
accurately producing your job.

Work within a proportion of the finished artwork size:
100% @ 120dpi
50% @ 240dpi
25% @ 300dpi
The minimum image size should be at least 25% of the actual physical output at
300dpi with no compression. Images should be originated or scanned at this
size and not enlarged afterwards.
Bleed: 5-10mm for all large format print.

Pantone/Special Colours & Blend Effects
PMS, RGB or any other colours should be converted to CMYK with process
separation checked before submitting for output.
Duo tones must be converted to process colours for output.
Vignettes/blends have a tendency to band in all electronic output devices. Best
results are achieved in vignettes with a tone value change of not less than 50%.

All fonts should be included with the file.
Quark Express - you may use collect for output
Freehand - embed the fonts. It is essential that you clearly identify all font types
used in your document.
Please create separate folders for Documants, Images, and Fonts, and can we
have a .eps copy of the file as well.

Any scanned images should be scanned as high resolution scans and saved as
CMYK in TIFF or EPS format non compressed, and imported into your file  to get
the best results. Full colour and halftone images must be scanned at a minimum
of 120ppi (240dpi) to full scale actual size i.e finished artwork size.

We accept original art, transparencies, 35mm slides, prints or negatives for high
end scanning and placement.

Supplying files
Always supply any additional files imported or linked files with the supplied
document. Each print file should be clearly named.

You can supply the file on any of the following media

Zip Disc
Optical Drive
Broadband email - for files of 25mb or less