Information Technology Services

The concept of the service we provide is simple - we take away the
mystery of computers and software and give you the confidence to  
'take control'.

We do this by explaining how your computer works and what your
computer is doing. We can do this one on one, at your home, at your
business and at your convenience using your equipment.

We explain in 'normal'  language what your system can and should be
doing - and how to take and maintain control over your computer.

The world of computers is a massive industry in which computer
experts create  new and exciting advances every day - then they wrap
it all up with those technical words which quite honestly confuse and
frighten the majority of computer users.

Your computer is probably the most important item in your home or
business. You may just want to send the odd email to a friend, have a
look on the Internet for some information, book a holiday, buy an item
using a credit card or even start your own business.

We will show you how to do this but more importantly show you how to
keep safe and secure when working with your computer.
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